RSI Renewal Application

Renewal Protocol (for both RSI and RSR)

  • Renewal packets (letters and application forms) are sent out 2 months prior to the renewal deadline (by November 1 for December renewals, and by May 1 for June renewals).
  • These are sent to the work address on file (gathered from the RSI Application form at their RSI class, unless they have updated it with us directly)
    • If the renewal letter is returned to us, we attempt to locate the RSI through their phone, email or home address (if they shared that information with us on their application)
    • If we can’t get an updated address to forward their renewal packet, it goes in our files as returned, unable to deliver
  • Renewers must meet all requirements for renewal
    • 8 hours of continuing education during the two year cycle

We do not have a specific list of classes that qualify for CEUs in the RSI program.  The expectation is that the individual is staying current with a rapidly changing industry.  As such there are a lot of options available.  Some at no cost.  We do ask that the training be in a related topic such as:  Clean Water Act, Low Impact Development, Nutrient Management, Construction Site Runoff Control, Watershed Protection and Planning, Best Management Practices, SWPPP Development, etc.  A quick search on the internet will likely yield a significant list of options.  The EPA offers numerous webinars, most of which get recorded and are available at any time at no cost.  We ask that they individual participate in 8 hours of this type of education during the permit cycle.  We ask that they provide a list of what they have participated in and use the honor system to substantiate their training.  They are always welcome to attend another RSI class, but that costs money and isn’t flexible with the timing.

  • 10 documented inspections during the two year cycle
  • pay the $50 fee ($100 if it isn’t postmarked by the renewal deadline)
    • Renewals are processed within 2 business days of their submission and a postcard is sent to the RSI/RSR letting them know that it has been updated.
    • If a renewer doesn’t submit his/her renewal application postmarked by the renewal deadline (December 31 or June 30), they receive a postcard reminding them that their status has expired and that they will need to renew within 90 days (postmarked date), pay a $50 late fee (in addition to the $50 renewal fee) before they will not be able to renewal and must start the RSI/RSR process over from scratch (take the class, pass the test, conduct inspections).

We have several inspectors, is there a group renewal option?

There is no formal group renewal option.  However companies/organizations can write one check for all renewals and send in the individual forms together with payment.


RSI/RSR Renewal Cost

$50 if postmarked by the renewal deadline (December 31 or June 30).

$100 (added $50 late fee) if postmarked within 90 days of the renewal deadline.

NO renewal after 90 days (the RSI/RSR process would have to be started from scratch)


Who do I need to contact to renew?

Contact the Utah LTAP Center, 1-800-822-8878 or 435-797-2931, or

Applications should be mailed to:

Utah LTAP Center

ATTN:  RSI/RSR Renewal

4111 Old Main Hill

Logan UT  84322-4111

Payment must be made online at


Is there a direct online website for RSI renewals?

Not at this time.  Renewal must be done manually (hardcopy application and verification of renewal payment must be sent to Utah LTAP).

RSI-Renewal-Application UPDATED 11-2016.pdf RSI-Renewal-Application UPDATED 11-2016.pdf

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