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Registration, Payment, and Cancellation Policy

The Utah Chapter of APWA follows this policy to ensure good accounting practices, establish accountability consistent to the Treasurer's position and responsibilities, as well as, promote traceable and verifiable transactions.


Online pre-registration is required for all events. All seats are limited and reserved on a first-come-first served basis. The event organizer is responsible for providing program information to the website administrator. Registration will be open on line by the web administrator at a minimum of 30 days in advance of the event. Registration will close 5 business days prior to the starting day of the event. This allows time for the logistics of producing materials, accounting receipts, issuing CEUs, and preparing for event. The instructor is responsible for obtaining the registration list from the website administrator after registration closes. The registration list will be used as a sign-in sheet for the purposes of managing, accounting, and auditing receipts and transactions.


Pre-payment is required. Credit card payment is also preferred on line through the Utah.apwa.net website. Exceptions may be made for approved government agencies, and coordinated by the Treasurer. Checks are accepted, but must be received by the Treasurer in-full, one week prior to event date. Checks must be set and payable to: APWA Utah Chapter, c/o Kevyn Smeltzer, 604 W 6960 S, Midvale, Utah 84047. All events are pre-pay only, invoices will not be mailed for payment. No shows will be billed.

Onsite Registration

Onsite registrations occur, in this case, the approved instructor or member of the Board of Directors will collect payment at the door. The Treasurer will issue and train the designated representative in the  using of current technology (Square Card Readers) for electronic funds transfers/credit card transactions onsite. The designated representative will ensure that all attendees are paid in full and accounted for.

Checks will be received onsite, and the representative will responsible for preparing spreadsheet with organized information so the Treasurer may account for the receipts of the event. The receipt shall include:

Event Name & Date:                     Representative Name:                                Phone #:

Name Check # amount
Joe Smith 123456 $ 150.00
Bob Brown 123567 $ 150.00
Jane Johnson 123678 $ 150.00
  Total $ 450.00

Revised: December 11, 2014

Registration, Payment, and Cancellation Policy

Registration Rates

MemberRates—Member rates are available to all members of APWA, sponsoring agencies and their members, and participating public employees.

Non-MemberRates—Non-Member rates apply to non-member private agencies and businesses.  Partial Registration or Shared Registration —Partial/shared registration is determined on a case by case basis and the type of program. Sharing registration or partial attendance may not apply to certification programs where the full program is required to complete the program.

EarlyRegistration Rates—Early registration rates are applicable when deemed necessary by the Board of Directors. The registration rate is approximately 10% discount to the established registration rate, and applies to new programs with larger registration fees. The early rate is applied within the first 10 business days of the registration period.

Late Registration Rates—Late registration rates apply to all events. The late rate is approximately 10% of the registration rate ($150 registration + $15 late registration rate). Late rates are established 10 business days prior to an event.


Attendee Cancellations—Attendee/registrant cancellations must be made in writing via email to the event organizers and Treasurer, not later than one week prior to the event. Attendee/registrant must provide a copy of the order/transaction used to trace records. No refunds will be granted without notifying the event organizers. “No Shows” will be billed.

EventCancellations—Cancelling an event is determined by the Executive Committee, and to a greater extent the Board of Directors. The reasons for cancellation may include but are not limited to minimum attendance requirements are not met to break even with the expenses. Attendees will be notified by the instructor or a Board representative via email and a personal phone call will be made to those traveling greater distances to the training. Cancellations may occur at a minimum 5 days prior to the event. For larger events or more costly events (i.e. conference), the Board may cancel the event based on contract obligations with facilities, caterers, etc. Registration fees will be returned in full to attendees.

Revised: December 11, 2014



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