2019 Snow Conference (Local Support)

2019 Snow Conference Video

Local Agency Opportunities To Participate

The Agency Sponsorship program allows participating agencies to send multiple staff members to the Snow Conference at a fraction of the regular cost. Your staff will have a full day access to the exhibit floor displays, exhibitor solutions theater, vendors, and suppliers without having to register for the full conference.

The Snow Conference provides front line personnel, supervisors, and managers with the opportunity to meet vendors, evaluate products, and learn tricks of the trade from each other. To get involved, visit:

Agency Support, Opportunities, and Benefits

Volunteer Opportunities

"{No One} can do Everything, but {Every One} can do something." unknown.

We need your help! the 2019 Snow conference will need an army of volunteers to help with the logistics of the conference. There will be 200 volunteer positions to fill. Please consider Volunteers from every walk of life, public employees, administration staff, clerks, receptionists, spouses, friends, and neighbors.

Duties and assignments will vary and include attendee check-in,  speaker check-in, exhibitor check-in, room host, Chapter information, ushers, ticket takers, hospitality and concierge services.

To stay in touch, please fill our the Volunteer Support and Sign-up Form. This will help us to stay in touch, and communicate to a larger group.

Become a Sponsor

If you are able to assist the Utah Chapter with the 2019 North American Snow Conference in Salt Lake City, in addition to regular Chapter events, please review the attached form to select your desired level of support for the Conference. Your support will enable the Utah Chapter to successfully see the Salt Lake City Snow Conference next year is the best that it can be. To assist you and your company in sponsoring this event your contributions can be made over the course of the year up to February 1, 2019.

Sponsor Letter


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