End of an Era - Angie Says Stay Involved!

"Stay involved, be the example, and most of all support the Utah Chapter of APWA by leading with PASSION for PUBLIC WORKS." ~Angela Richey, Chapter Secretary 2003-2015

With 15 years behind her, Angela Richey will not seek a reappointment to the position of the State Chapter Secretary.

In 2003, Angie was recommended by Trace Robinson to step into the position of Utah Chapter of APWA Chapter Secretary. She soon became a trusted resource to the Chapter President Keith Ludwig, Board, Committee Chairs, and in the development of future Chapter programs.

Angie fell in love with local governments when she began working at the Utah League of Cities and Towns in 1992. Through passion and dedication, her focus turned into managing and facilitating non-profit operations and events. She worked with 4 western regional non-profits until the events of 9/11. She then returned to working locally, and found herself working for West Valley City.

Angela Richey has been a strong advocate for developing the Chapter. She helped to develop the Chapter's Goals and Mission Statement in 2007. She supported the operations of Branches, helped to establish the Bylaws for the Central and Northern Branches, worked to update the state Chapter Bylaws, started Utah APWA Facebook page, and encouraged the progress of Task Forces including Fleets, Membership, Emergency Management, Website, Public Works Week, the Fall Conference and Storm Water Expo, and Standards and Specifications.

In 2017, Angie prepared and submitted Chapter documents only to receive the Presidential Award for Chapter Excellence.

With a grateful heart, Angie said "I truly believed that the growth of the organization depends on my departure. I’m confident that the programs developed by the organization, and continued growth of operations, requires much more than I can contribute." Angie upon her departure has laid the groundwork and helped to identify options for taking the Chapter to the next level.

To ensure a smooth transition, Angie will support the Board, and a new Chapter Secretary by offering her knowledge and experiences. But her dedication and commitment to Utah APWA will commence with the end National Snow Conference, May 19-22, 2019.

Angie would like to thank all the members of APWA, particularly many people whom she considers to be friends over the last 15 years, including Kevyn Smeltzer, Trace Robinson, Mike Gladbach, Matt Cassel, Mike Riddle, Mel MacKay, Randy Wahlen, Ed Rufener, Jason Jones, Leon Berrett, Ben Roueche, Tyler Shelley, Ryan Horsley, Chris Thompson, Chuck Gillette, Rick Snyder, Justin Maughn, Ted Mickelsen, all of the National APWA Staff, and many others.

What Utah APWA members said:

"Thank you Angie. You have left some huge shoes to fill and it won't be the same without you." Trace Robinson, City Engineer, Riverton City (Board Member)

"You will greatly be missed with your energetic personality and smile and APWA forward attitude." ~Ed Rufener, South Salt Lake City (former President)

"You’re an APWA icon. We will forever be in your debt for all the time and hard work you gave the organization." ~Mike Gladbach, Public Works Director, Sandy City (former President)

 "I have admired your dedication to such a great cause. ~Chris Thompson, Public Works Director/City Engineer, Spanish Fork City (former Spec Committee Chair)

"You have been a great mentor for me and I’m grateful for your friendship. You really have made a huge contribution to APWA in Utah. ~Brian Romrell, Engineer, Bowen Collins & Associates (Board Member)

"You have been the rock and constant." ~Brian Van Norman (former National Representative and Chapter Liaison_

"You have been a huge part of the Utah Chapter and done so much good." ~Tyler Shelley, Chief Engineer, Sandy City (Board Member)

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