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The Utah Storm Water Advisory Committee, a subcommittee of Utah APWA, will coordinate efforts to reduce storm water pollution and provide adequate flood control. The committee will jointly review governing regulations, disseminate information to enhance compliance with those regulated, promote effective storm water management training, and assist local municipalities and other interested parties to implement best management practices, consistent with their individual needs and resources. This committee will also review any proposed storm water regulations to assess potential impacts on the regulated community.

USWAC was organized in 2004, in collaboration with the State of Utah DEQ, to keep all MS4 permit holders and Storm Water Coalitions informed of the rules and regulations formed by the State and EPA. USWAC assist the Cities and Towns by providing education on storm water compliance methods this includes the Registered Stormwater Inspector Training and Registered Stormwater Reviewer Training. USWAC supports the Utah APWA Fall Conference and Stormwater Expo and collaborates with the State and LTAP to provide professional development to engineers, inspectors, and contractors.

Participating members in USWAC includes City, County, State, and private agencies. Voting members are dues paying members of Utah APWA.

Past Chairpersons

2014 Nestor Gallo, American Fork City
2013 Dean Ayala, Jones Civil Engineering
2012 Clay Bodily, Smithfield City 
2011 Todd Christensen, Bountiful City 
2010 Curtis Christensen, Weber County (retired)
2009 Trace Robinson, Utah APWA Board Member

    Total Member : 8
  • Mr. Trace Robinson
  • Mr. G. Ryan Taylor, PE
  • Mr. Paul J. Taylor, PE, CISEC
  • Mr. Ashley J. Thoman, MBA, PE
  • Mr. Jeff Studenka
  • Ms. Rhonda Thiele
  • Mr. Harry Dean Campbell, CPESC, PE
  • Mr. Ken Bricker, CSM
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