Current Officers and Directors

Current Officers and Directors                                                           

President                   Edward Rufener (South Salt Lake City)

President-Elect           Brent Ventura, PE (Horrocks Engineering)

Director                     Christopher Zawislak, PE

Director                     Brian Romrell, PE

Director                     Marv Allen, P.E. (Hansen Allen & Luce)

Director                     Shane Greenwood, P.E. (South Jordan City)

Director                     Tyler Shelley, P.E. (Sandy City)

Director                     Trace Robinson, P.E. (Riverton City)

Director (So.Utah)      Kody Mangum (Geneva Pipe)

Director (Central)       Ted Mickelsen, PE (Jones & DeMille)

Past President            Tena Campbell, P.E. (formerly Bowen Collins)

Delegate                    Jason E. Jones, P.E. (J-U-B Engineers)

Appointed Positions                                                     

Secretary                     Angela M. Richey (Stanley Consultants)

Treasurer                     Kevyn Smeltzer, P.E. (Salt Lake County)

Committee Chairs                                                          

Specifications               Chris Klingel, P.E. (Riverton City)

Fall Conference             Gregory J. Poole, P.E. (Hansen Allen & Luce)

Storm Water Advisory    Tom Beesley, P.E. (Riverton City)

Southern Utah Branch                                                  

Central Utah Branch                                                      

Northern Utah Branch                                                     

Founder                       Michael E. Taylor

Task Force Chairs                                                            


ADA                               Lynn Jarman, P.E.

Emergency Mngmt          Pat Hart-Peterson

LTAP Liason                    Trace Robinson, P.E.

Membership/Retention     Tyler Shelley, P.E.

Scholarships                    Marv Allen, P.E.

Education                        Brent Ventura, P.E.

Sustainability                   Matthew D. Cassel, P.E.    

Transportation                  Shane Greenwood, P.E.

Technology                      Brian Romrell, P.E.

Utility & ROW                   Tyler Shelley, P.E.

Solid Waste Mngmt           Trace Robinson, P.E.

Fleets                              Ben Roueche

Facilities and Grounds       Mont Johnson

Operations/Snow Maint.    Ed Rufener

Diversity                          Vacant

Water Resources               Vacant

Golf                                 Randy Whalen, P.E.


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